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  • Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication  v. SharePoint Live Authentication Live ID & OpenID Trusted Identity Provider for SharePoint 2010 Claims Based Authentication Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication allows you and your members sign in to your SharePoint site with any OpenID ...
  • Authentication Manager  v. Manager is a tool for managing and operating the authentication method.
  • Authentication  v.1.02Basic Authentication is a little program that converts a user name (login) and optionally a password to/from their Base64 Basic Authentication counterpart.
  • Automate User Authentication and BillingAgilecos billing application for the SME is a stand-alone, web-based billing application that completely automates user authentication, registration, invoicing, billing, subscription management, account management, reporting, and newsletters.
  • WiKID Strong Authentication PC Client  v.2.0WiKID Strong Authentication PC Client 2.0 is a professional and smart tool which combines public key encryption and Internet-enabled devices to securely deliver one-time passcodes. The WiKID solution is much less expensive than a hardware-based token ...
  • Activity and Authentication Analyzer  v.1.64Security software destined to comprehensive analysis of the user traces (evidences) left after work. AAAnalyzer allows user to search the traces left in system registry, edit registry keys related to the activity and authentication analysis, ...
  • DS NT Authentication Plugin  v.1.0ns-slapd plugin to perform pass-through authentication of LDAP users to NT domain controllers (based on the ntUserDomainID ...
  • IIS LDAP Authentication ISAPI Module  v.2.0alpha.12252006IIS LDAP Auth provides LDAP authentication functionality to the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) with an ISAPI-compliant ...
  • Moodle LDAP SSO Authentication Plugin  v.1.1This authentication plug-in enables LDAP single sign-on's from web portal SSL forms and uses a modified standalone version of the core LDAP Authentication Plug-in. Currently supports MS-ADLS (AD), and OpenLDAP (RFC2307 compliant) Server back ...
  • OpenUAT: Ubicomp Authentication Toolkit  v.rcOpenUAT is a toolkit for authentication in ubiquitous computing ...
  • Xhelix encryption/authentication module  v.0.5xhelix: python C extension implementing Helix encryption and authentication.Based on the article named "Helix: Fast Encryption and Authentication" by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier, published in the Nov 2003 issue of Dr Dobbs ...
  • Unity Authentication System  v.1.0The goal of UAS is to provide a bridging interface between parts of a website, allowing for single sign on to websites with several parts, and for user data to be synchronised between them. Authentication can be against any of the connected elements.
  • RAM - RADIUS AUTHENTICATION MANAGER  v.1.0A simple easy to use SQL based authentication system. This package currently supports unlimited accounts authenticating on multiple radius servers, controlled and maintained on one SQL database. Ideal for VISP ,and WISP.
  • Simultaneous authentication of equals  v.1.0SAE provides a secure password-based authentication mechanism for 802.11. It is resistant to passive attack, active attack, and dictionary attack.
  • CSpot Authentication System  v.1.0The CSpot Authentication System provides a method to manage wireless hot spots. Enjoy it!
  • DotProject iamdentity Authentication  v.1.0iamdentity is a unique authentication service allowing administrators and users to transact safely and securely online. dotProject has been modified to include the iamdentity authentication service as an alternative authentication method.
  • Ilumnis Authentication Module  v.rcIlumnis Authentication Module is a set of .NET Assemblies used forgeneric user / role / right manipulation.
  • Malabar Authentication Library  v.1.0Malabar is a simple, context-agnostic authentication library for Java applications. It strives to be equally usable in J2EE/Web, GUI, and other applications requiring user authentication.
  • AFRAM - authentication framework  v.1.0AFRAM is an authentication framework providing authentication, authorization, session and password change services to applications.
  • Redux Authentication  v.1.0The Redux Authentication library is a great addition to CodeIgniter. It is light, easy to understand and is a great base to build off for your CodeIgniter project.
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